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Emma Donoghue: Haven (Paperback, 2022, PAN MACMILLAN)


Published Aug. 1, 2022 by PAN MACMILLAN.

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Goodreads Review of Haven by Emma Donoghue

5 stars

Haven by Emma Donoghue is a quiet, but harsh examination of the way religious devotion to institutions or individuals can mislead and lead good people to do awful things in the name of God.

In 7th century Ireland, Artt is a saintly priest visiting a local abbey and finds himself disgusted at the way the monks have allowed themselves to fall into lives lacking discipline and piety. During his visit, he has a prophetic dream where he and two of the monks live in complete isolation on an unknown and undiscovered skellig off the coast. Taking this as a directive from God, he demands the two monks in his dream accompany him to find this skellig to start their new lives. So Artt departs with his new, small congregation comprised of Cormac, an old monk who formerly had a family and was a fighter in his young years, and Trian, …

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