First Dangle and Other Stories

, #8.7, 9.1-9.2

3 stars (1 review)

Owen and his sloth, Slomo, are off to see the world when Coriander, Herald Extraordinary of the First among the Fae, interrupts to ask for the tiny favor of solving a supernatural murder. That sets the pair off on a trail that leads from Granada, Spain, to London, England and then to Austin, Texas. Owen and Slomo will have to outwit an Irish goddess of wisdom, some nasty spriggans, and streak across the Kew Gardens to find the culprit. They're going to see the world after all—just not the way they thought.

"The Naughtiest Cherub" takes place directly before the events of Scourged, book 9.

"The Waters" is narrated by Granuaile and takes place after the events of Scourged.

"Friendly Emily" is a piece of science fiction that appeared in Fireside magazine.

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