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Published by Big Finish.

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An audiobook anthology of six new Doctor Who short stories.

Rearguard by Alfie Shaw Trooper Stron has been given a great honour by Sontar. He’s been chosen as the rearguard on Ubreus, protecting that world against anyone who would try to pry it from Sontaran control. The problem is, no one’s coming to claim Ubreus, and that means there’s no one for Stron to fight…

Messages from the Dead by Rochana Patel Adric wants to help the Doctor. The Doctor doesn’t want Adric’s help. Banished to updating the TARDIS logbook, Adric has to record the tale of the Hermes, a doomed freighter they found in E-Space. With Romana gone, and only the past as a guide, Adric needs to work out how to make this new dynamic work before it’s too late for both him and the Doctor.

The Threshold by Felicia Barker After a collision in the vortex, the …

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