Tooth and claw

English language

Published Nov. 13, 2009 by Orb.

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4 stars (1 review)

“It’s a sentimental Victorian novel in which all the characters are dragons who eat each other.” Jo Walton, author

2 editions

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4 stars

This is unlike anything I've ever read in fantasy.

If Jane Austen, or maybe Charles Dickens, felt the sudden urge to write a fantasy book about dragons, this is probably what they would have written.

It has everything: daughters who need to marry, a lost inheritance, etiquette, romance, a greedy family member, a confession, and charming characters. Only...they're all dragons. And they also eat each other.

If any of that sounds at all intriguing to you, please pick this up. It's short, charming, witty and heartwarming.

Jo Walton takes dragon lore and mythology and makes it work with the customs in Victorian society. The world building is delightful. The characters are charming. The society is, frankly, amusing. We've got lords and ladies, only they're all dragons (did I mention everyone in this book is a dragon? But they sit at tables, drink tea and travel in carriages. Just making sure, …


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